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PoliRural Newsletter 1

Depopulation, land abandonment and the loss of biodiversity are changes that may proceed very slowly yet are often irreversible. In order for policymakers to solve these challenges, PoliRural will provide a set of knowledge resources including an inclusive learning environment where rural populations, researchers and policymakers come together to address common problems; an evaluation exercise that uses text mining to assess the perceived effectiveness of past or planned policy interventions; and a foresight study that will collect the development trajectory of agriculture and its allied sectors until 2040 using several scenarios in which the evolution of rural populations occupies a central place.   more

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Accenture is the proud Gold partner of the conference WebExpo 2019 and thanks to it, we are giving away a 30% off code created specifically for us to purchase your conference ticket: accenture30 (must be inserted in lowercase - not applicable for Premium workshops).   more



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