Recognition of exams/credits and additional registration for a subject/change of subject WS 2020/2021

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Due to the current epidemiological situation, the effort is to limit the movement of students around the university/faculty and visits to the department's secretariat as much as possible, i.e. the use of electronic communication.


Exam recognition (credit) - according to the valid SZŘ, the exam/credit must not be older than 5 years

1. Option – electronically (preferred)

  • send a scanned and completely filled out and signed written application on a standard form by email to the wp secretariat ( );
  • in the event that it is an exam outside the wp (department), the following must also be sent at the same time:
    • proof of the exam (index scan, verified statement of study IS, etc.);
    • Syllabus of the relevant subject in order to be able to assess compliance (it is possible to send a link to the relevant pages in the IS);
  • the secretariat will arrange for the application to be processed by the relevant guarantor and, in the case of a positive assessment, to have it signed and submitted to the Study Department;
  • information about the result of the application is sent to the student by e-mail (usually within 3 working days);
  • the mentioned procedure can be used until 9/10/2020 for PEF (see The most important dates - pedagogical activities of the 2020/2021 academic year).
  • the mentioned procedure can be used until 16/10/2020 for TF (see The most important dates - pedagogical activities of the 2020/2021 academic year).

2. Variant – paper documents in an envelope

  • put the documents in an envelope and hand them over to a wooden box with mail for the department (black writing wp) next to the PEF dean's office, documents see option 1
  • if the student indicates his e-mail on the application, information about the result of the application is sent by e-mail (usually within 3 working days)

3. Variant – personal visit of the guarantor

  • arrive in the consultation hours of the relevant lecturer submit the application (documents) during the first two weeks of the semester with the necessary documents, or during office hours to the department's secretariat, door number 342 (in this case, the request will be processed within 3 working days by default), see variant 1 for documents;


Informatics TF
– Ing. Tomáš Vokoun
If only the credit is recognized, you will automatically receive 60 points as the result of the semester.
 Information and communication technologies (fields of PAE, USSR) Informatics (HKS)
– M.Sc. Ing. Vladimír Očenášek, Ph.D.
 Information and communication technologies (PAA branch)
– Ing. Alexander Vasilenko, Ph.D.
 Field of study/programme Informatics and others
– the relevant lecturer according to the schedule at UIS


Additional registration for a subject / change of subject (optional subjects)

  • the same procedure as in the case of the Application for recognition of the exam/credit, preference option 1 (electronic scan of the application, where there are only department subjects)


Forms and applications for PEF ČZU in Prague to download here,