Scientific research activity

In scientific research, the department specializes in applied research, which, in accordance with the focus of the university and the faculty, is standardly oriented towards agricultural, forestry, water management, environmental and regional environment and education.

The results of the VVČ are published in prestigious publication titles, presented at domestic and foreign scientific conferences and used for obtaining financial resources from grant funds.

Employees and doctoral students of the department are members of domestic and international scientific organizations and companies and participate in solving national and international projects, e.g.:

  • Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository: Sharing Scientific and Scholarly Research related to Agriculture, Food, and Environment
  • eFarmer – Stimulating entrepreneurship competitiveness and regional development in rural areas
  • Use of open data in the agricultural sector
  • Processing large data collections in JavaScript map APIs for the web environment
  • Analysis and visualization of GPS telemetry outputs of deer in the Doupovské hory and NP České Švýcarsko

The outputs of the VČ and other activities of the Department of Information Technology are mainly:

  • supporting the development and use of information and communication technologies in the entire agrarian sector, in the countryside (in rural regions) and related fields,
  • organization of meetings, conferences, seminars, trainings and workshops and creation of a space for the publication of the results of scientific activity,
  • research, advisory, consulting and educational activities in the field of information and communication technologies,
  • supporting educational activities focused on the field of applied informatics and helping to transfer the acquired know-how to the agricultural sector and rural regions as quickly as possible,
  • expanding useful SW and HW applications.