Educational activity

In the pedagogical field, the Department of Information Technologies focuses mainly on:

  • use of information and communication technologies to support managerial work
  • algorithmization and programming
  • operating systems and computer networks
  • information systems and their applications with a focus on the corporate sphere and state administration
  • network and internet technologies
  • creation of web applications and their graphic support
  • data protection and IS security
  • social networks
  • creation and support of e-learning

KIT allows students of bachelor's study fields of most of the university's faculties to acquire a broad knowledge of the use of information and communication technologies to support managerial work, including the professional use of the MS Office environment (ECDL Advanced level). Especially at the Faculty of Business Economics, students of non-informatics fields in other related subjects of the department gain knowledge of working in a team in the creation, implementation and use of information systems. In the master's degree, students are further profiled according to the profile of the graduate within the given field - for example, in the field of Public Administration and Regional Development, they get to know the principles of information systems in state administration and acquire skills in their use, assess web applications and propose their own concept based on practical assignment.

Informatics students in the bachelor's degree study courses focused on algorithmization and programming in a selected environment, mobile application programming, operating systems, computer networks, web design, internet applications, information systems in business practice and state administration, their security, but also on computer graphics , e-learning, social networks, e-Government, etc. In the follow-up master's degree, they have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of computer networks, IS security and Internet technologies.

In total, KIT guarantees over 50 subjects in the Czech language in all fields of study at PEF and other faculties of CZU in Prague. At the Faculty of Business Economics, most accredited courses in the Czech language are simultaneously accredited in the English language. KIT guarantees and teaches almost 30 subjects here. The department also guarantees and provides teaching in the doctoral degree, especially in the field of Information Management. A number of external experts from practice actively participate in the teaching of the department.

Supervision of bachelor's and diploma theses is provided as part of the pedagogical activity. Custom topics are listed, but students can also come up with their own suggestions. Cooperation with companies that offer topics related to, for example, internships is also a matter of course. They are available for those interested in processing theses at KIT detailed instructions.