Substitute DP/ BP seminar - end date (SZZ) February 2021



Bachelor seminar


Graduate seminar



The replacement diploma/bachelor's seminar is intended for all students who are working on DP/BP at KIT - completion date (SZZ) February 2021 and have not yet completed participation in the seminar or have been recommended by the supervisor to take the seminar again.

  Participation in the seminar is mandatory part of the 2nd DP/BP credit. The aim of the seminar is to present and defend the purpose of the work and the achieved or planned results of the solution (of course, it is assumed that the work is completed or in the final stage of processing). Students will try to defend DP/BP in front of a committee (similar to SZZ), then they can incorporate the comments of teachers and colleagues into their final thesis. It was possible to attend the seminar apply from 5 October 2020 through the website KIT. The application deadline was 10/19/2020! Active participation of all students is expected (students will be divided into committees). ATTENTION CHANGE! Organizational instructions:
  • The dates and hours of the seminar apply.
  • All students will connect online via Google-Meet 5 minutes before the start of the seminar and will remain connected throughout the duration of the seminar.
  • Students will receive the connection address by e-mail from the chairman of the committee.
  • Students will present their work via Google-Meet.
  • They will send their presentation as a backup by email Ing. Hellers no later than the day before by 3:00 p.m.
  • Students will keep a maximum of 10 minutes for the DP presentation and 5 minutes for the BP presentation.
  • Students can also raise questions about the issue and communicate with their colleagues.
  Seminar schedule (.xlsx) - available from October 20, 2020 (12:00) Further information and questions - supervisor. Organizational guarantor of the seminar: Ing. Ivana Hellerová (, 224 382 048)