Bachelor seminar

The substitute diploma/bachelor's seminar is intended for all students who are completing DP/BP at KIT - completion date (SZZ) February 2019 and who have not completed participation in the seminar.

  Participation in the seminar is mandatory part of the 2nd DP/BP credit. The aim of the seminar is to present and defend the purpose of the work and the achieved or planned results of the solution (of course, it is assumed that the work is completed or in the final stage of processing). Students will try to defend DP/BP in front of a committee (similar to SZZ), then they can incorporate the comments of teachers and colleagues into their final thesis. To the seminar registration was possible until October 21, 2018! Active participation of all students is expected. See the schedule of the seminar below. Seminar location: E209 (PEF meeting room) Organizational instructions:
  • arrive at least a quarter of an hour before the start of the seminar
  • upload your presentation from a flash drive to your computer desktop
  • keep to a maximum of 10 minutes for DP presentation/5 minutes for BP presentation
  • civilian clothes are assumed

Seminar schedule:

Monday 29/10/2018 13:00


Ing. Miloš Ulman, Ph.D. – the chairman
Ing. Petr Benda, Ph.D. – vice president, technical security (projection)
Ing. Murodjon Ganiyev
MSc. John Phillip Sabou
Ing. Martina Šmejkalová
DP Azzam Seifeldin INFO A Ulman Public E-Services: a case study of Egypt
DP Devi Poonam INFO A Ulman Proposal and design of network infrastructure for a company
DP Kolínová Daniela USSR Jarolímek Use of cloud services in Public Administration
DP Mesteková Lucie USSR to Ulman Using the Smart Cities concept to improve the quality of life in the village
DP Bat Zdeněk USSR to Ulman International comparison of the citizen portal
DP Sharma Vipulkumar Baldevbahi INFO A Ulman Smart devices in agriculture
DP Toufic Sami USSR Ulman Public administration portal of the Czech Republic: development and current status
BP Herd Jakub INFO Lohr Data mining of social networks in online marketing
BP Hlaváček Martin INFO Lohr Strategies for using online marketing
BP Mejsnar Kryštof INFO Vokuun Cryptography in wireless networks
DP Tomas Paris PAE to Shimek Optimization of MS SharePoint
  Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 9:00 a.m


Ing. Edita Šilerová, Ph.D. – the chairman
M.Sc. Ing. Vladimír Očenášek, Ph.D. - deputy chairman
Ing. Alexander Vasilenko, Ph.D.
Ing. Tomáš Vokoun
Ing. Václav Lohr, Ph.D. – technical security (projection)
DP Fanta Jakub INFO about Ulman Design of shared eGovernment services of the General Financial Directorate
DP Tomas Harčár SYI k Ulman The influence of robotic automation of information systems on the operation of the company
DP Jozef Horňáček USSR to Ulman Agenda information systems in the public administration of the Czech Republic
DP Pavel Kopeček USSR to Jarolímek Development of eGovernment services
DP Marek Masín PAA Eyeglasses Information system used by the Knowledge management department in an international logistics company
DP Rezler David USSR to Jarolímek Analysis of the effects of the eIDAS regulation on the regional office environment
BP Grishkova Ekaterina INFO Jarolímek Project management system when working in a distributed team
BP Lychandrite Valeria PAA Tyrichtr Information systems for business management
BP Pronina Polina INFO Silerova Information systems for business management
BP Wheat Jan INFO Vasilenko A robot capable of moving along a marked track
BP Pruša Miroslav INFO Vokuun Wireless data lines
Further information and questions - supervisor. Organizational guarantor of the seminar: Ing. Ivana Hellerová (, 224 382 048)