Online study for mothers on maternity leave


Since the beginning of April 2016, the PEF ČZU Department of Information Technologies in Prague has been implementing educational courses for women who want to have an easier return to the labor market from maternity or parental leave.


Women who return to the labor market after maternity or parental leave need to gain self-confidence, renew their orientation in the latest information from the field, demonstrate to the employer that they are active when returning to the labor market, and have the opportunity to study in a form that is flexible in terms of time and content, so that they could balance family care and studies at the same time. For the renewal of professional knowledge, an easy return to the labor market and also for other thoughts on maternity leave, the Faculty of Business Economics of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague has been implementing educational courses available via the Internet throughout the Czech Republic since the beginning of April 2016.

These are eLearning multimedia courses without the need to go anywhere. All activities (from registration to the final test) can be performed from a home computer or mobile device. The study thus takes place at the place and time chosen by the participant. An integral part is the sharing of experiences through social networks, fixation and verification of knowledge. Courses are available in the fields of labor law, accounting, taxation, business, IT and self-presentation. This type of education follows on from a successful project implemented in 2015, when more than 300 mothers on maternity leave took part in the territory of Prague alone.

Given that the current setting of European social funds does not give many chances to obtain financial support from the university for this type of education, the courses are provided as part of the social responsibility of public universities and with financial participation. However, it is assumed that it is possible to obtain financial support for paying the participation fee at the level of local governments, employers, or local projects. This is fully within the competence of potential course participants, or their groups and representatives. If necessary, the Faculty of Operational Economics offers cooperation for obtaining such support.

The system and organization of education is provided by the Department of Information Technologies of the Faculty of Operational Economics, the professional guarantors are the staff of specialized PEF departments.

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