Cycle of lectures by experts from practice WS 2018/2019



Series of lectures





In recent years, the PEF Department of Information Technology has been working intensively on building and developing relationships with practitioners.


In addition to lectures in standard classes, students have a separate series of lectures by ICT experts available to them, which run outside of classes for the entire semester. The cycle of the winter semester is currently being completed and the program for the 2018/2019 school year is practically ready.



How to optimize snippets Martin Velička,
Richard Klacko
Sun Marketing, s.r.o RECORD
The MUNIS information system as an example of an information system for cities and municipalities Tomas Lechner Triada spol. s.r.o RECORD
IoT with IQRF technology Ivona Spurná IQRF Alliance, s.r.o RECORD
Audit of information systems / IT audit in a corporate environment Václav Zycháček, Markéta Hruboňová Česká pojišťovna, as Generali Group RECORD
Software Development Life Cycle  Jakub Valenta Accenture Services, s.r.o RECORD
Personnel information systems in use by corporations Martin Matuna
UPS SCS Czech Republic s.r.o
Come and see Azure Cloud in action Tomáš Kubica Microsoft s.r.o
Case study – application change management process from the point of view of an IT auditor Václav Zycháček, Markéta Hruboňová Česká pojišťovna, as Generali Group  RECORD