Cycle of lectures by experts from practice LS 2021/2022




In the 2021/2022 school year, the Department of Information Technologies organized a separate series of professional lectures on current topics in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. The form of the invited lectures will be determined in advance according to the agreement between the subject guarantor and the lecturer.


Of the expected lectures offered, it took place in LS (period March to April).


Date Topic of the lecture Lecturer Company

What's new with Cisco Webex video devices?

Jaroslav Martan

CISCO Systems (Czech Republic) Ltd no Record

The lecture is mainly devoted to software and hardware news for video conferencing. The lecture will discuss in more detail:
– RoomOS 11 – a new generation of the system that powers our video conferences;
– extended interoperability with conferences of other manufacturers – MS Teams, Google Meet, Zoom and others;
– Webex Desk Pro – the first device of the new generation that brings functions that were only available separately or only in selected models, e.g. USB passthrough, Presenter Track, simultaneous drawing for two users (two active pens), etc.;
– hot desking – user authentication using NFC or USB-C.


Integration that saves time

Jaroslav Martan and Peter Morvay

CISCO Systems (Czech Republic) Ltd no Record

How to quickly and efficiently acquire and present data? You must have needed to get information from users or devices. How to approach it? Hire a less experienced colleague? Taking away the time of an experienced and already busy colleague? Or try something better? We will show how it is possible to effectively obtain inputs from users and devices such as, for example, sensors. Part of the demonstration will also be their storage in a processable form or clear display.

24. 3. 2022

SEO, UX and copyrighting

Richard Klacko               

Taste, as no YOU

The goals of SEO and UX are often intertwined when creating a website, and for example, when designing a website's information architecture, it is necessary to use the best of both fields. After all, it is in your interest to build a website that is easy to find (SEO) and at the same time easy to use (UX). You will learn more at the lecture.

7. 4. 2022

SIEM solution (SOC concept)

Ondrej Kovač               

Exclusive Networks / Fortinet no Record

What are the security challenges of a virtualized environment? How can security risks be detected? You will learn all this and even more at the lecture.