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The Department of Information Technologies regularly organizes a student competition in prototyping applications on a given topic - Hackathon.

  HACKATHON Hackathon 2021
Hackathon theme Resulting ideas Video recording
CZU Smart Digital Campus" The goal of the hackathon is to create good idea, which can be used in the development and construction of smart solutions not only within ČZU campus (campus, village, city and others).
The absolute winner of Hackathon 2021 is the team Uni Beer Group composed of Vojtěch Šebesta and Petr Zdvořáček from the Department of Information Technologies of the Faculty of Operational Economics. In addition to the main prize of the expert jury, the team also won the public prize and a special T-Mobile prize. They deserved their triumph for the Smart Lamp project – smart solutions for lighting the campus, where the lamps have a number of functionalities, e.g. they react to the movement of pedestrians and can recognize an accident or assault and alert the security service. The jury awarded the team as the second best Woodpecker for the Building Infomanagement application, which provides standardized information about campus buildings, their equipment and location. The inter-faculty team consisted of Tereza Lisa (FAPPZ), Eliška Nováková (PEF) and David Novák (PEF). Third place belongs to the team"name”: “random” for an application that finds the shortest route to e.g. a lecture and covers the entire campus. It was invented by students of the Technical Faculty Jan Gančev, Petr Jun and Martin Fišer. T-Mobile also presented a special award for the team's "most beautiful project". The Kid Crowd, for an application that monitors the use of public transport so that, for example, students have the chance to avoid crowded public transport buses on their way to the university
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Hackathon 2019
Hackathon theme Resulting ideas Video recording
"IoT and smart CZU" As part of the hackathon, there was competition in prototyping (draft) applications on the topic of use of the Internet of Things for the "smart campus" of CZU.
Team "Team Name" - The above team with a very unconventional name created the project MOEW (Management of Environmental Welfare). It was developed with regard to efficiency, simplicity, feasibility with a positive impact on the environment within the ČZU.
PIMP CORE Team - Greenhouse Monitor applies the Internet of Things to create an intelligent greenhouse.
The DECODERS Team – Project SmartZU is aimed at more convenient use of services at the University through greater use of mobile phones, and especially smart watches for communicating with smart devices at school.
The AppVenture Team – The application shows the occupancy of individual places around the campus.
The iZUN Team – Project Green CZU focuses on smart savings in the computer classrooms of ČZU based on people detection.
Team KITOVCI – The aim of the application is to help new arrivals and existing students in their orientation around the university.
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Hackathon 2018
Hackathon theme Resulting ideas
"Use of ICT to support education" As part of the diploma seminar in Všeradice, a student competition was held in prototyping mobile applications on a given topic Use of ICT to support education.
DREAMTEAM – An intuitive iOS application for students to get the most up-to-date information from the University.
Team STUDENTS – The main function of the proposed application is to record attendance at lectures and exercises.
DOP TABLE Team – The designed application is used for education in the field of IT security.
The SKEPTIC team
The AppVenture team
Hackathon 2017
Hackathon theme Resulting ideas

1. Using a mobile application for an overview of the smart farm and its management

  2. Game to popularize agriculture, countryside or food industry

As part of the graduate seminar in Všeradice, a student competition in prototyping mobile applications for agriculture took place. There were two topics to choose from.
DROP TABLE Team – The main idea is the anonymous sharing of collected data about farms in a central database, the possibility of their processing and evaluation.
GREATSOLUTION Team – The prototype shows the use of spectral analysis for improving soil properties and assessing crop condition.
The AppVenture Team – The focus of the prototype is primarily on the smart vineyard.
The Lorem Ipsum Team – Country Challenge is a game that aims to get people back to the countryside and promote agriculture and regions in general.
MATRIX Team – The application is used for remote management of all smart farm devices. 
Hackathon 2016
Hackathon theme Resulting ideas

1. Agriculture and Smart Agriculture

  2. Quality of life

  3. Education and university life

As part of the graduate seminar in Všeradice, a student competition in prototyping mobile applications for agriculture took place. For selection, students were offered three more precise circuits, from which the teams could choose the one closest to them, or combine them further.
The Verge Team – This team chose a purely agricultural theme in the form of a smart vineyard. 
NODATA Team – As part of the Education and University Life circle, the team threw themselves into improving the services of restaurant facilities with an application called SMART CULS RESTAURANNT. 
The GreatSolution Team – The team's competitions have embarked on the use of smart bracelets and similar devices. 
The A-team – The usage scenario of the proposed application is based on advanced smart measuring devices that will monitor consumption in the home, send the data to the cloud, where it will be subsequently evaluated.
Team Dragons – The proposed Health life application aims to monitor nutrition and physical activity.