Report from the diploma seminar KIT – Všeradice 2019




The traditional Graduate Seminar – scientific research workshop of KIT (this year already in its 21st year), organized by the Department of Information Technologies PEF ČZU in Prague, took place on February 28, 2019. The scientific seminar is attended every year by master's degree students who submit a diploma thesis in the current calendar year.


As in previous years, this year's event was held in the very attractive tourist environment of Všeradice Castle. Due to its vastness, the area provided fully equipped seminar rooms for meetings in five sections. An integral part of Zámecký dvor is a restaurant with a brewery (Všerad beer) and an interesting exposition of the museum of Magdalena Dobromila Rettigová, which was accessible not only to the students of this successful event.

Also this year, due to the high participation of students, the meeting traditionally took place in five committees composed of members of the department and external experts. Each committee selected and awarded the three best works based on predetermined evaluation rules. In addition to diplomas, the award-winning students also received valuable non-material prizes, with which companies supported the seminar Microsoft, SAP Concur, Ittec, Česká pojišťovna, and further also FACULTY OF ECONOMICS AND MANAGEMENT and DEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES PEF CZU in Prague.

At the seminar, they presented and defended their work as a whole 75 graduates of the department, Commission No. 1 was again conceived as English, since the vast majority of students in this section presented their work results in English in accordance with their field of study. A total of 28 members of the department and representatives of practice worked and evaluated in the committees.

The seminar ended with a ceremonial announcement of the three best works for each committee and a social gathering in the premises of the restaurant and brewery. He attended the announcement in person, presented diplomas and awards dean of PEF, head of the Department of Information Technologies, representative companies Česká pojišťovna and chairmen of individual commissions.

The event has been evaluated very positively by students for a long time, especially for the possibility of "presentation and defense in the open" and the possibility to consult and discuss the solved issue directly with experts from the department, practice and colleagues from various fields of study.

The department expects to organize the next year again in the premises of the Všeradice Castle on the same date.

The department would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of individual commissions and external experts who actively participated in this event.

Thanks also go to the staff of the Všeradice Castle Brewery.