Recognition of credits or exams, additional registration for a subject or change of choice of a KIT subject in the academic year 2021/2022 – LS


It applies exclusively to PEF Department of Information Technology subjects!

The recognition of an exam or credit must be in accordance with the valid wording of the Study and Examination Regulations for bachelor's and subsequent master's study programs of the CZU in Prague.   Duties of the student: A student who started studying at PEF from another faculty, university or re-sit the entrance exams at PEF must apply for recognition of credit/examination and additional enrollment in a subject/change of subject choice KIT apply in a given academic year no later than 18 February 2022 (applies to full-time and combined form of study) on the prescribed "Application" form. Applications submitted later are irrelevant and the department will not deal with them. Examination recognition (credit- according to the valid SZŘ, the exam/credit must not be older than 5 years. Submitting a request for credit/exam recognition Electronic - currently no other procedure is supported at the Department of Information Technology PEF
  • send a scan of the completely completed and signed written application on a standard form, where only the department's subjects are listed, by e-mail to the secretariat KIT (;
  • in case it is an outside exam KIT (department), the following must also be sent at the same time:
    • proof of the exam (index scan, verified statement of study IS, etc.);
    • the syllabus of the relevant subject in order to be able to assess compliance (it is possible to send a link to the relevant pages in the IS);
  • the secretariat will arrange for the application to be processed by the relevant guarantor and, in the case of a positive assessment, to be signed and submitted to the Study Department;
  • information about the result of the application is sent to the student by e-mail (usually within 3 working days);
  • the mentioned procedure can be used until 18/02/2022 for PEF (according to the expected schedule for LS 20211/2022, see The most important dates - pedagogical activity LS 2021/2022).
  Additional registration for a subject / change of subject (optional subjects)
  • the same procedure as in the case of the Application for the recognition of the exam/credit, (electronic scan of the application, where there are only department subjects)
 Forms and applications for PEF ČZU in Prague to download here, respectively Comment:
  • a request indicating multiple PEF departments will be processed and then sent to another department (it will take longer to resolve);
  • the application submitted to the Study Department is an alternative, which the Department of Information Technologies will also process on the basis of forwarding it to the Study Department.