The Erasmus+ project "Blockchain for Agrifood" offers new educational opportunities for CZU students in Prague




We are excited to share the success of our Erasmus+ project "Blockchain for Agrifood", which offered students a unique online course for direct study. This course included both full-time and distance learning subjects. A total of 277 students are enrolled in the Information Technology course, of which 132 students successfully completed the course and the final test. 295 students attend the course Operating Systems in the Czech language and 229 of them successfully completed the course. 122 students study this subject in English and 68 of them passed the test. The resulting numbers testify to the interest and quality of the course offered.

Students positively evaluated the content of the course, emphasizing its interest and the quality of the treatment of individual topics. Our effort to provide attractive educational materials in the field of blockchain in the context of the agrarian sector found a response among students and contributed to their professional development.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this project.