Cycle of lectures by experts from practice WS 2019/2020




In WS 2019/2020, the Department of Information Technologies organizes a separate cycle of professional lectures on current topics in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Out of a total of eight lectures offered, two are in English (for students of English majors and other interested parties). The next cycle of lectures will take place in LS (period February to April).


The main goal is to enrich and supplement the standard teaching, support the competitiveness of graduates on the labor market and further deepen the department's cooperation with practice.

In addition to the lecture's own thematic content, participating companies can also offer students cooperation in the form of professional internships, BP or DP topics, participation in projects, etc.

The chosen target group in ZS are students of the field of Informatics, as well as students of the economic-managerial fields of Business and Administration and Operations and Economics, 2nd years of bachelor's, 1st and 2nd years of subsequent master's studies. The lectures concern the subjects Web design, Computer networks, Internet technologies Client Side, ICT for managers and their equivalents in English Computer Networks, Internet Technologies Client Side, ICT for managers, Information Systems and Business Information Systems.

Students are required to attend at least one specialist lecture (or two, if specified in the subject) of their own choice from the given cycle (credit condition). Of course, a student can also register for more lectures. Login takes place through the forms on the wp website (see below). The series of lectures runs from October 21, 2019, every Monday from 3:45 p.m. to December 16, 2019, capacity is limited by the size of the available auditorium, which is the auditorium in ZS EIV, D207 (approx. 65 places). In this cycle, no substitute lecture is planned during the exam period, because there is sufficient seat capacity. For great interest in the lectures offered are in selected cases auditoriums provided EI, EIII, where the available capacity is 140 places.

Read carefully the Information on the system of attendance at the Cycle of lectures by ICT experts

Students can register for lectures from October 7, 2019 via the department's website:


Date Topic of the lecture Lecturer Company, position Room  
21. 10. 2019 SAP@Škoda Auto

Vojtěch Mikát

SAP products play a significant role in the IT world on a global scale. The integration of these products has been taking place at Škoda since 1992 and currently covers most of the company's business processes.
Today, the Škoda company in the Czech Republic is at the forefront of implementing the most modern SAP products, as evidenced by the creation of the SAP Group Competence Center, which provides SAP services within the Volkswagen Group. The aim of the lecture is to introduce students to the topic of SAP and its integration in ŠA and serves as an entry point to the teaching of the subject Introduction to SAP.
4. 11. 2019

Zero Trust Security Architecture

Don't trust anyone and anything in your network

Andrej Jelenik

CISCO Systems (Czech Republic) Ltd EI Record
A journey of Zero Trust Architecture. From brave thoughts to generalized term. What does ZTA stand for? What are the main pillars of ZTA? How it was defined in the beginning and how we see it today after 15 years of evolution. What are specific elements of ZTA and why do we need them to accomplish the mission? Answers to previous questions and more you will get to know during this seminar.
11. 11. 2019

Intelligent control in irrigation systems

Nadia Bratkova

ITTEC, sro



Introduction to applied information technology in irrigation systems on private, commercial, public and sports grounds. Comparison of individual solutions on samples from realizations.

18. 11. 2019

Virtual reality@Škoda Auto

Leos the Red


Virtual reality has been an integral part of the automotive industry for many years. It is used from the design of cars, through the preparation and planning of production, quality assurance, during sales and marketing, as well as for the internal processes of the company itself. The first car where VR was used at Škoda Auto was the first generation Fabia. Today Škoda is at the forefront of the use of the most modern VR technology.

25. 11. 2019

Introduction to Product Management

Barbora Václaviková

SAP Concur (Czech) Ltd

This lecture offers a succinct overview of Product Management – how to create a successful product, whenever it is a piece of software, service or a practical product. The lecture focuses on Product Management as a whole, focused on the creation of products as done in modern startups or large companies.

2. 12. 2019

Investing in startups not only in ICT

Jaroslav Menčík

Mavericks attorneys sro
EIV Record

In the lecture, you will learn where technology startups get funding to overcome the valley of death so that they can one day become billion dollar unicorns? Based on our experience with more than 60 investments in startups, you will be introduced not only to the legal and business aspects of their financing and the structuring of so-called venture capital transactions, when an external investor provides a startup with an investment in order to support its further development and rapid growth. During the lecture, we will explain what a term sheet is and what its common requirements are, and we will also present typical contractual provisions appearing in investment contracts (preferential shares, vesting, drag-along, tag-along, dilution of shares, etc.). 

9. 12. 2019

Technology to acquire
and data processing in precision agriculture

Ondřej Perlík

John Deere, STROM PRAHA, as
EIV Record

The lecture will begin with an introduction to the issue of navigation systems used for applications not only in agriculture. Based on our experience, systems for processing agronomic data, telematics of agricultural machines and their subsequent use for the engineering of new components for precise applications in agriculture will be presented. We will also present the ISOBUS standards as a basic communication channel and the ISO-XML format as a universal format across the platforms of individual component manufacturers.

16. 12. 2019

Use of Big Data in the enterprise

Martin Drabek

Assist spol. s.r.o
EIV Record

BIG DATA is a term that can be encountered in a large number of fields. The lecture presents an introduction to this phenomenon, defines it and carries out its basic characteristics along with an insight into its processing in business practice.