Cycle of lectures by ICT experts (WY 2017/2018)



Series of lectures





In WS 2017/2018, the Department of Information Technologies is organizing the second independent cycle of professional lectures on current topics in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Out of a total of ten lectures offered, two are in English (for students of English majors and other interested parties). The cycle of lectures continues in LS (period March to May).


The main goal is to enrich and supplement the standard teaching, support the competitiveness of graduates on the labor market and further deepen the department's cooperation with practice.

In addition to the lecture's own thematic content, students are also often offered cooperation with relevant entities in the form of professional internships, BP or DP topics, participation in projects and other programs, etc.

The selected target group are 3rd-5th year students of the field of Informatics (subjects: Web design, Computer networks, Internet technologies - client side), and then students of the 4th year of the fields of Business and Administration and Operations and Economics as part of the optional subject ICT for managers, including equivalent subjects in English (Web design, Computer networks, Internet technologies – client side, ICT for managers).

For details, see the credit rules of the relevant subject.

Students are required to attend at least one professional lecture of their own choice from the given cycle (credit condition). Login takes place through the forms on the wp website (see below). The cycle of lectures runs from October 23, 2017 always in Monday from 15:45 until mid-January 2018, capacity is limited by the size of the available auditorium, which is the auditorium in ZS E IV (65 places).


Registration of students for lectures takes place from October 16, 2017 via the department's website:

Date Topic of the lecture Lecturer Company, position Room  
23.10.2017 Possibilities of application in the management, programming and use of data at the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information (ÚZEI) Václav Voltr, Michal Marhoun, Michaela Lekešová Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information IV RECORD
ÚZEI is primarily focused on working with data sources, and especially in recent years there has been an increasing number of opportunities for graduates to apply. The lecture will present the possibilities of applying students and graduates in the management, programming and use of data both in the field of research and the specialized focus of ÚZEI on data governance for ÚZEI and MZe. The area of data management and use in FADN data management will also be presented.
30.10.2017 Software for company management Martin Wagner Assist spol. s.r.o IV RECORD
As part of this application, you will learn everything about CRM and ERP systems, as well as the processes that cover these systems. At the end of the lecture, a demonstration will be given of how easily these systems can be modified according to the needs of the given company - without the necessary knowledge of programming.
6.11.2017 Management of ICT strategic goals using enterprise architecture Martin Lukáš Prices IV RECORD
The lecture presents the possibilities of using the concept of Enterprise architecture for managing strategic goals in the field of ICT in a company, public authority and state administration department. Against the background of ArchiMate notation, it will show practical examples from today also for the management of ICT projects and programs.
13.11.2017 How to develop a successful technology startupMr Gustavo Vizcardo StartupYard Accelerator E III (room changed) RECORD
The lecture will introduce you to what it takes to develop a technology startup and how a startup accelerator can assist you. You will also hear about success stories of companies accelerated by
20.11.2017 Java vs. Kotlin and Objective C vs. Swift + free discussion on mobile development issues Tomáš Hubáček, Tomáš Valenta INVENTI Development s.r.o IV RECORD
The lecture will present modern languages for mobile platforms Kotlin (Android) and Swift (iOS) and a comparison with their predecessors Java and Objective-C. It will mainly be about nullability, immutability, interoperability and new possibilities of functional programming. We will show you practically what problems these new options help us solve and where they save us work. At the end, there will be space for questions, discussion and sharing of practical experience.
27.11.2017 Mobile application development Václav Zůna COMPETITION IV RECORD
The lecture will offer a holistic view of current trends in the development of mobile applications on the Android and iOS platforms. It summarizes the use of new technologies in mobile development and presents examples of interesting applications. The lecture will also outline the application of new trends to our own mobile products.
4.12.2017 Mind maps and their digital use Miroslav Buchel Czech Society of Creative Thinking, zs IV RECORD
The lecture will present mind maps from the point of view of their practical use. Why use maps, what are mind maps and how to use them in practice. There will also be personal experience with the use during studies, including the creation of a diploma thesis.
11.12.2017 Paperless digital life Vratislav Cermák
ICT consultant IV RECORD
The lecture will present the possibilities of making life more efficient (simplifying) with the help of technologies and applications that are available around us. You will look at the possibilities offered by the connection of our smartphones, home devices, the Internet, the cloud and a plethora of applications.
18.12.2017 Automation and Integration of Network Management Zdenek Pala Extreme Networks IV RECORD
The lecture will introduce you to the automation and integration of network management. We will look into options of automation and integration in systems of various customers. Presented case studies will address integration of firewall, network management, virtualization, MDM systems, security and processes.
15.1.2018 GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation or the revolution in personal data protection according to the new EU regulation Vit Lidinský Nowrecz IV SUBSCRIBE
GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – the European Union regulation on the protection of personal data, which will apply uniformly throughout the EU from May 25, 2018. In the Czech Republic, it will replace the current personal data protection legislation in the form of Directive 95/46/EC and the related law No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data. They concern companies, institutions and individuals that handle the personal data of Europeans (employees, customers, clients, suppliers) and operate on the European market.