GRANULAR project meeting: progress over the last 18 months and next steps


GRANULAR, a Horizon Europe research project, held its General Assembly online on 28 March 2024 retracing the progress and successes of the last 18 months and exploring the way forward. Since October 2022 the project has made significant progress as highlighted by GRANULAR’s Coordinator Tristan Berchoux, CIHEAM Montpellier. Moving forward, GRANULAR is ready to deepen its impact by aligning academic insights with the evolving needs of both the EU and local communities. Notably, the project's contributions have gained recognition in the European Commission's report on 'The Long-Term Vision for the EU's Rural Areas' (LTVRA), emphasising its relevance in shaping future policy frameworks.

Looking ahead, GRANULAR's focus remains on advancing rural development through cutting-edge research and strategic partnerships. In the coming months, the project will intensify efforts to integrate its findings with the LTVRA, with a particular emphasis on operationalising rural proofing and developing comprehensive indicators to track progress. Moreover, GRANULAR aims to leverage its Rural Compass to facilitate informed decision-making and enhance the effectiveness of rural policies. With a commitment to data-driven insights and innovative methodologies, the project will have a novel Rural Typology by 2026, offering a more nuanced understanding of rural dynamics and paving the way for transformative change in Europe's rural landscapes.

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