Research and Development

The Department specializes in applied research, which is in line with the University and Faculty focus on the agricultural, forestry, water management, environment and regional environment and education.

R&D results are published in prestigious publishing titles, presented at domestic and international scientific conferences and used for obtaining financial resources from grant funds.

Staff and PhD students of the department are members of national and international scientific organizations and companies and contribute to solving national and international projects, eg .:

  • Virtual Open Access Agriculture & Aquaculture Repository: Sharing Scientific and Scholarly Research related to Agriculture, Food, and Environment
  • eFarmer - Stimulating enterpreneurship competitiveness and regional development in rural areas
  • The use of open data in the agrarian sector
  • Processing of big data in a JavaScript map API for web environment
  • Analysis and visualization of GPS telemetry of deer in Doupovské Mountains and in National Park Czech Switzerland

R&D outputs and other activities of the Department of Information Technology include:

  • supporting the development and use of information and communication technologies throughout the agricultural sector in the country (in rural areas) and in related fields
  • organizing meetings, conferences, seminars, training and workshops and creating opportunities for the publication of scientific results
  • research, consulting, advisory and educational activities in the field of information and communication technologies
  • supporting educational activities focused on applied science and the facilitation of rapid transfer of acquired know-how to the agricultural sector and rural areas
  • dissemination of useful software and hardware applications



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