Due to the current epidemiological situation, the only supported variant so far is the use of electronic communication.

Application for recognition of the subject - recognition of the exam (credit)

 - according to the valid Examination Regulations, the exam / credit must not be older than 5 years

Option 1 - electronically (another option is not currently supported)

  • send a scanned and completely filled in and signed written application on a standard form by email to the DIT secretariat (;
  • in the case of an examination outside the DIT, it is necessary to also send:
    • proof of examination (scanned index, verified statement of study, etc.);
    • syllabus of the relevant subject in order to assess the conformity (it is possible to send a link to the relevant pages in the information system);
  • the secretariat will arrange the processing of the application with the relevant guarantee and, in the case of a positive assessment, its signing and submission to the Study Department;
  • the student is sent e-mail informing about the result of resolving the application (standardly within 3 working days);
  • the above procedure can be used until February 21, 2021
  • applications can be submitted "… no later than the end of the second week of teaching in SS" see the instruction Most important dates - pedagogical activities SS 2020/2021 (will be issued before the beginning of the semester).

Other options cannot be implemented at present time.

It is of course possible to submit an application through the Study Department according to the instructions of the faculty, but there the processing may be longer, resp. less operative.


Additional enrollment for course / change of course (optional courses)

  • the same procedure as in the case of an Application for Recognition of an Examination / Credit;
  • send an electronically signed scan application (only courses from the department)
  • in the case of an Application for a change of a course, it is necessary to simultaneously request the cancellation of an already registered course (at the secretariat of the relevant department).


Forms and applications of PEF CULS in Prague can be downloaded here,




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