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Diploma Thesis seminar Všeradice 2021

The 23rd annual diploma seminar (DIT research workshop) will take place on 25th of February 2021. The seminar is intended for all students who are working on a diploma thesis at DIT - completion date summer semester 2021. The seminar is a compulsory part of the winter semester credit in the 2nd year of the follow-up master's study.   more

Bachelor seminar 2021

The bachelor seminar by the Department of Information Technologies will take place on 28. 1. 2021.   more

Student presentations at Left of Boom VI

On 11th September 2020, CENDAI team members and student researchers presented at the Left of Boom VI, the Sixth Annual Conference on Proactive Threat Mitigation, organized and hosted by the Intelligence Research Institute (IRI).   more

PoliRural Newsletter 3

Polirural objective number 3 is to “explore the future trajectory of rural development in regions using a hybrid foresight approach (quantitative plus qualitative), taking into account both historic and current situation”. System Dynamic Modelling (SDM), is going to help in the foresight approach. During the first year of project, a template model has been built (SDM edition 1) as well as some sample models to understand the usefulness of the modelling exercise. We are presenting in this article one of the sample models, specifically dealing with Rural Attractiveness, a central issue in Polirural project. This is not a real model, in the sense that the data running the model are not taken from any local statistics. It is a sample model that considers Rural Attractiveness (RA) as the main factor regulating urban/rural population flows, in both senses (from rural to urban and the other way around).   more

PoliRural Newsletter 2

Policy makers, experts, farmers, rural dwellers and new entrants are main target groups in each partner pilot region defined as regional panel members. The regional panel and the expertise of its members will play an important role in implementing the PoliRural project and contribute to the development of rural policy. The first talks and meetings with potential regional panel members (further – stakeholders) showed noticeable features in pilot regions. In general, addressed stakeholders are interested in the project itself and its results. Also, the opportunity to be involved in the local community is one of the main aspects of willingness to take part in project as regional panel member.   more



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