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AGATA - Erasmus project

The Department of Information Technology participates in the AGATA project within Erasmus +. Coordinates Quality Management and IO3 (Intelectual Output 3): AGATA on-line course.   more


Digital Competence Frameworks for Ukrainian teachers and other citizens   more

PoliRural Newsletter 12

In the context of the PoliRural project, Regional Action Plans are the main output of the Foresight process carried out by the twelve pilot regions. The main purpose of regional action plans is to define actionable solutions for tackling the identified challenges within the foresight process. At the same time, plans are considered an integral part of other processes and tasks already undertaken by pilot regions and are well integrated within these. Plans are co-designed and developed by pilot teams together with regional stakeholders and citizens in a mission-transformation process.   more

CZU employee games

Members of our department took part in the CZU employee games in several disciplines.   more



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