Diploma Thesis seminar Všeradice 2021

The 23rd annual diploma seminar (DIT research workshop) will take place on 25th of February 2021. The seminar is intended for all students who are working on a diploma thesis at DIT - completion date summer semester 2021. The seminar is a compulsory part of the winter semester credit in the 2nd year of the follow-up master's study.

The aim of the seminar is to present and defend the work and the achieved or planned results of the solution (it is assumed that the work is either fully completed or at least in the final stage of completion). Students will try to defend the thesis before the commission (similar to the final state exam), then they can incorporate the comments of teachers and colleagues into the thesis.

The applications was closed February 7th, 2021It is no longer possible to register for the seminar by default, only as a possible substitute (by email to Ing. Eva Kanska)

Due to the persistent emergency situation, the Diploma Seminar will be held online in a distance mode. All students will receive an email from the chairman of the commission (to which they will be assigned) no later than February 18, 2021, with the appropriate link to Google Meet / MS Teams (the link will be different for each commission!).

Questions about the organization of the seminar:

Please read the previous text carefully before asking any questions.

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Ing. Eva Kánská, kanska@pef.czu.cz, 736 129 040

Other questions about your own diploma thesis and its presentation:
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