Diploma seminar Vseradice 2017 (19th year) retrospect

Traditional Diploma seminar (19th this year), organized by the Department of Information Technology FEM CULS in Prague, was held on 2nd of March 2017.

Traditional Diploma seminar (19th this year), organized by the Department of Information Technology FEM CULS in Prague, was held on 2nd of March 2017. Every year, master degree students, who submitted a thesis in the current calendar year, participate in the scientific seminar.

The patronage over the event was taken over by Minister of Agriculture Marian Jurečka.

As in the previous two years, this year's seminar took place in a very tourictically attractive environment of the courtyard Všeradice. Its vast premises provide a fully equipped conference room for meetings in six sections. An integral part of the courtyard is a brewery (beer Všerad), an exhibition of paintings and museum exhibits of Magdalena Dobromila Rettigova, which was accessible only to students of this successful event.

This year, due to the high participation of students, the seminar conducted unconventionally in five sections (sixth section was Hackathon 2017 - see below), which were managed by expert committees consisting of 4-5 members from the department and outside experts. Each commission chosen and awarded three best works. Awarded students received diplomas and in addition also valuable prizes, which were provided by Concur, the Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Economics and other event partners.

At the seminar 98 undergraduates presented and defended their work. Committee no. 1 was again conceived as English, because the vast majority of students in this section presented their work results in English in accordance with their field of study. A total of 25 faculty members and representatives of practice took part in the comittees.

The seminar also had an independent professional section no. 6, was organized as a 2nd annual competition in prototyping applications Hackathon 2017. It was attended by five teams of students. Detailed information is available in a separate report on this event.

The seminar ended with announcing the three best works for each committee and the three best student projects from the hackathon and social gathering in the restaurant and brewery. Diplomas and awards were handed by FEM Dean, Concur company representatives, representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and committee chairmen.

The event has been highly appraised by students, especially for the "presentation and defense tryout" and the possibility to consult and discuss issues directly with experts from the department, practice, and colleagues from different fields of study.

The Department expects to hold a jubilee 20th year again in the Castle courtyard Všeradice at the same time next year.



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