Bachelor seminar 2021

The bachelor seminar by the Department of Information Technologies will take place on 28. 1. 2021.

Dear students,

The 2021 Bachelor Seminar organized by the Department of Information Technologies will be held on:

28 January 2021: 9am-12pm (morning slot), 1-4pm (afternoon slot) (all times CET Prague).

Venue: to be announced later according the current epidemiological situation (PEF/online).

The seminar is mandatory for all students who are writing their bachelor thesis at DIT since it is part of the Bachelor Thesis 2 credit.

The goal of the seminar is to let students present and defend their work and achieved preliminary results and conclusions. The seminar is a dry run of the real thesis defences at the final state exam. This will also help to improve the thesis based on the received feedback.

The registration starts from 1 December 2020 and closes on 8 January 2021. Each student will participate in one of the sections. The allotted time per student is 10 minutes (5 mins presentation + 5 mins for Q&A). Each section will accommodate up to 14 students.

Please keep the presentation structure such as following:

  • Title page (thesis title, name, program, supervisor)
  • Objectives
  • Methodology
  • Practical part (2-3 slides max.)
  • Results and discussion (preliminary)
  • Conclusion (preliminary)

Rehearse the presentation and keep it 5 minutes only!

The committe will evaluate thesis presentations by their merit including the following criteria:

  • Goal of the thesis (must be in line with the assignment in the UIS)
  • Methods (must be inline with the assignment in the UIS)
  • Content of the thesis (contribution)
  • Content of the thesis (conclusions)
  • Presentation

Poor quality of the thesis presentation as well as its content may result in ineligibility for the Bachelor Thesis 2 credit. This will lead to a forced delay of the final state exam by one semester.

Contact your thesis supervisor for details, or email the seminar organizer: Ing. Ivana Hellerova (, office phone: +420 224 382 048)

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