Bachelor seminar 2017

The bachelor seminar by the Department of Information Technologies will take place during days 24. 1., 26. 1., 31. 1. and 2. 2. 2017 (in room E209).

Registration forms

Bachelor seminar will consist of several independent sections that will be held either in the morning (9:00 - 12:00) or afternoon (13:00 - 16:00) in given days in room E209.

This seminar is obligatory for all students who write bachelor thesis at the Department of Information Technologies (DIT)

Please note that students who will not participate at the seminar, fail to present the bachelor thesis or will demonstrate poor results will not get 2nd credit for bachelor thesis (EXE24Z Bachelor Thesis 2) and will be refused to go for final state exam in May 2017.

The aim of the seminar is to let students present and defend the goal of bachelor thesis and expected or achieved results. By the time of seminar, the thesis should be almost finished or in a final stage of processing.

Students will experience a thesis defence in front of the committee just like at the real final exam. Students will also receive a valuable feedback and inputs from teachers and fellow students that they could implement in their thesis.

Please make your registration to the seminar starting from 1st December 2016 via registration form below. The registration will be open only until 15th of January. You should register to only one of the provided terms. It is expected that all students will actively participate at the seminar. Every student will have 10 minutes out of which 5 minutes will be allocated to the presentation.

Please consult with your thesis supervisor for more details or contact the Operations Manager of the seminar: Ing. Ivana Hellerová (, 224 382 048).

The list of committee members will be listed here approx. one week before the seminar.


Instructions & Logistics:

- arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the seminar (i.e. at 8:45 or 12:45) in room E209 next to the Dean's Office

- upload your presentation from your USB flash disc on site (no e-mail downloads)

- your presentation should be no more than 5 minutes

- wearing a suit is not required, any decent clothing will do

REGISTRATION (from 1. 12. 2016)

24. 1. 2017 morning
24. 1. 2017 afternoon
26. 1. 2017 morning
26. 1. 2017 afternoon
31. 1. 2017 morning
31. 1. 2017 afternoon
2. 2. 2017 morning
2. 2. 2017 afternoon



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