Bachelor / Diploma seminar for February 2021 State Exam Term

The seminar is intended for students who plan to go for the Final State Exam in February 2021, have their thesis supervisor at the Department of Information Technologies and have not taken part in the seminar earlier.

Please note that the thesis presentation at the seminar is a mandatory condition set by the Department of Information Technologies in order to be eligible for the Bachelor / Diploma Thesis 2nd credit.

The purpose of the seminar is to have students present their work including currently achieved research results and preliminary conclusions. The style and format of the presentation is just the same as at the real final state exam. Each student will be given feedback by the committee members right at the spot. In case of a poor performance, the student may not become eligible for the Bachelor / Diploma Thesis 2nd credit and may have to postpone the thesis submission to the next term.

You should register via links provided below starting from 5th October 2020. The registration will be closed on 19th October 2020. Students who register must attend and present the thesis. Failing to register or a no-show at the seminar will automatically result in ineligibility for the credit and postponing the final state exam term!

The schedule, time and location will be published after the registration closure. Each master‘s student will have 15 minutes (10-minute presentation and 5-minute discussion). Bachelor presentations should be shorter (5-minute presentation, 5-minute discussion).

Date: Thursday 29th October, 2020 (9:00 a.m.)


Organizational instructions:

  • The seminar will be held online via Google Meet.
  • Students will be emailed a Google Meet link by the chairman of the commission (see the schedule below).
  • Connect 5 minutes before the start of the seminar and stay connected throughout the seminar.
  • Please email the presentation to no later than on Wednesday 28th October by 3:00 pm.
  • Master thesis presentation max. 10 minutesbachelor thesis max. 5 minutes.
  • After each presentation, 5 mins Q&A including questions from students.

Schedule (PDF)

For more information and questions contact your supervisor.

Organizational manager of the seminar:

Mrs. Ivana Hellerová (, 224 382 048)



Melanie Suchá
+420 22438 2364
Office: E342


Kamýcká 129
165 00
Praha - Suchdol
+420 22438 2364