Choice of optional subjects for the LS 2018/2019 master's degree

Optional subjects



Students of the first year of the master's degree in the field of PaE and PAA choose an optional subject for the summer semester from 29 October 2018. The comprehensive subject of Informatics consists of 3 subjects - System and Organizational Engineering, Business Information Systems and IS Strategy. . During the study of the three subjects, you will gain knowledge, experience and skills from the principles of creating information systems, the basics of problem modeling in a company and the design of a solution, the principles of choosing a suitable information system for a selected company, the design of functionality, implementation solutions, and you will find out what problems can arise and how avoid them. In the given term, you choose the subject System and Organizational Engineering. You will choose the subjects Business Information Systems and IS Strategy in the summer semester, when choosing compulsory electives and optional subjects for the 2nd year of the master's degree.