Scientific and research workshop KIT – Všeradice 2017




A scientific-research workshop focused on the presentation of research results of master's degree students took place on March 2, 2017 in Všeradice as part of the 19th year of the seminar for graduates of the Department of Information Technologies of the Czech University of Applied Sciences in Prague. The seminar also included a Hackathon and a competition for the best presentations of final master's theses.

  A total of 90 students gave presentations at the workshop, including seven foreign students from six different countries. Students presented the results of their own research as part of their final theses, led by pedagogues from the Department of Information Technologies. Consultants and opponents from the corporate environment, state administration and other institutions also participated in the research. The topics of the works within the workshop correspond to the scientific and research focus of the department and the faculty. Contributions were presented in five committees, in which a total of 28 pedagogues and experts from practice sat, e.g. Ing. Vojtěch Machoň (Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic), Ing. Ondřej Hradecky (SIS PEF CZU), Ing. Ivo Šašek (MAS Pošumaví), Mgr. Barbora Václavíková (SAP Concur), Mei Málková, BA (SAP Concur), Ing. Miroslav Jungwirth (Trigama International), Ing. Murodjon Ganiyev (Siemens), Ing. Jan Rajtr (Constructo) and others. The evaluation and evaluation of the final theses and the outputs of the application prototyping competition took place with the participation of the dean of PEF ČZU in Prague, Ing. Martin Pelikán, Ph.D. Collection of abstracts of presented and defended theses with a list of authors and thesis supervisors is available here.