ŠKODA Biz Sim Cup 2022 – CZU




On November 21, 2022, the Department of Information Technologies PEF ČZU in Prague, in cooperation with the Faculty of Informatics and Management of UHK and Škoda Auto, as organized a competition, the essence of which was a logistics game, where each team represented an independent company on a virtual market.


36 contestants in 7 teams came to test their managerial and economic skills (the teams were composed of Czech and foreign students).

The goal of the simulation game was to establish appropriate logistics strategies, in which it was necessary to supply the central warehouse with products from the supplier and the regional warehouses connected to the central warehouse. The sales of the products sold depended on an appropriately chosen pricing policy. Product prices had to be chosen with an appropriate margin to compete with other teams. The simulation game was implemented in the environment of the SAP S/4 HANA system. The contestants thus became familiar with the leading corporate information system.

All teams were awarded for their efforts with small items from the PEF Department of Information Technologies, then from the Faculty of Economics of the CZU in Prague and, last but not least, from Škoda Auto, as, which is the co-organizer of the event. The winning teams received small prizes from PEF ČZU and ŠKODA AUTO, as well as a check with a financial reward from the hands of the dean of PEF ČZU in Prague doc. Ing. Tomáš Šubrt, Ph.D. and vice-deans doc. Ing. Lucie Severová, Ph.D.

The first place was taken by a five-member team named Mad Heads and received a financial reward of CZK 20,000. The second place was won by the team named Five Musketeers and for the second place, the five-member team divided the amount of CZK 12,000. The beautiful third place was occupied by the team named Visionaries, whose members took home a reward worth CZK 8,000. 

The winning teams, who achieved the highest value of the company, which depended not only on the profit from the sold goods, but also on the financial responsibility resulting from the level of indebtedness, are now awaiting major preparations for the national final of the competition, which will take place in the premises of the Škoda Service Training Center (STC) Kosmonosy / Mladá Boleslav on 9 December 2022. The winning teams from the school rounds will compete there, as well as teams from the University of Hradec Králové and the University of Economics in Prague, in addition to the ČZU in Prague.

A big thank you goes especially to the co-organizers from UHK doc. Ing. To Pavlo Čech, Ph.D. and M.Sc. To Hana Rohrová, to representatives of Škoda Auto, as and also to the dean and vice-dean of the Faculty of Business Economics at CZU in Prague and colleagues from the Department of Information Technologies PEF at CZU in Prague.