Roadshow "How to build a complete IoT solution"




On February 19, 2019, a workshop called Roadshow "How to build your own IoT solution" was held at the PEF ČZU in Prague. The event was held with the support of the Information Technology Department of PEF, CSITA and IQRF Alliance.

  At the event, the participants were introduced to the elements of the IQRF ecosystem, from which it is possible to build an IoT solution extremely efficiently. These devices are certified for IQRF interoperability and included in the online repository. To be included in the online repository, it is enough to scan the code of a special mobile application before the first use and the device will be connected to the network. At the workshop, Ivona Spurná, marketing manager of the IQRF Alliance, demonstrated it, and then the participants of the practical workshop also tried it out. Yvona Spurná explained the principle of simply connecting devices to the IQRF network using the new Smart Connect technology. Simply enter the device identification into the network controller, e.g. via a QR code, and the device is then connected to the network automatically. The concept of virtual devices will enable the combination of a wireless mesh network with sensors, actuators and controllers with extremely low power consumption. There was also a stimulating discussion on topics that interested the participants of the event. KIT PEF ČZU in Prague thanks the representatives of IQRF Alliance and the participants of the event for their participation and effort during the workshop.