Hackathon 2021 - Smart Digital Ecosystem of CZU took place in Prague






From November 23 to 30, 2021, the 5th Hackathon on the topic of Smart Digital Ecosystem of CZU in Prague took place on the premises of the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague. The goal of the event was to design applications to improve the quality of life on the CZU campus in Prague using the potential of 5G. The Hackathon was organized by the Department of Information Technologies in cooperation with the CZU Rectorate in Prague and partners MPO CR, 5G Alliance, T-Mobile, Jump-Tech and Backbone. The hackathon was also part of PEF's internal grant solution "Life Sciences 4.0".



The absolute winner of Hackathon 2021 is the Uni Beer Group team consisting of Vojtěch Šebesta and Petr Zdvořáček from the Department of Information Technologies of the Faculty of Business and Economics. In addition to the main prize of the expert jury, the team also won the public prize and a special T-Mobile prize. They deserved their triumph for the Smart Lamp project – smart lighting solutions for the campus, where the lamps have a number of functionalities, e.g. they react to the movement of pedestrians and can recognize an accident or assault and alert the security service 

As the second best, the jury awarded the Datel team for the Building Infomanagement application, which provides standardized information about campus buildings, their equipment and location. The inter-faculty team consisted of Tereza Lisa (FAPPZ), Eliška Nováková (PEF) and David Novák (PEF).

The third place goes to the team "name": "random" for an application that finds the shortest route to, for example, a lecture and covers the entire campus. It was invented by students of the Technical Faculty Jan Gančev, Petr Jun and Martin Fišer.

T-Mobile also awarded a special prize for the "most beautiful project" to The Kid Crowd, for an application that monitors public transport congestion so that, for example, students have the chance to avoid crowded public transport buses on their way to university

We would also like to thank all the participants from the ranks of students, the CZU rectorate, partners from the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the 5G Alliance, as well as the companies T-Mobile, Backbone and Jump-Tech, who participated in the event and contributed valuable advice and prizes to the students.


We are preparing details about the event and the winning projects, more also on the website A Living University