Lecture SAP@Škoda Auto




On Monday, October 21, 2019, a lecture was held from the Series of lectures by practitioners on the subject of SAP@Škoda Auto. The event was organized in cooperation with Škoda Auto, as and the Department of Information Technologies PEF ČZU in Prague. Due to the great interest, the lecture was held in the EI lecture room with a capacity of approx. 140 seats.


Ing. Vojtěch Mikát, working at Škoda Auto, a.s. as a SAP Specialist, came to the university to share his knowledge and experience in this area with students of selected professional subjects at the PEF ČZU in Prague.

At the ŠKODA AUTO lecture called SAP@Škoda Auto, students learned what SAP means to the largest company in the Czech Republic.

wp PEF ČZU in Prague will hold a pilot course on the SAP corporate information system in November, which will be taught by experts from ŠKODA IT. Students will be introduced to the concept of ŠKODA AUTO, as well as IS SAP, its architecture and methods of integration in a large corporation, they will learn about the latest SAP HANA and Leonarado technologies, BI in the SAP environment, etc. The teaching will not only be limited to theory. A practical excursion to the plant in Mladá Boleslav will also be part of the lesson. The Department of Information Technologies anticipates further cooperation in the field of BP and DP, etc.