Handing over the Biz Sim Cup 2023 winning cup to the hands of the Dean of PEF






On Tuesday, January 30, the winning cup of the Biz Sim Cup 2023 competition was handed over from the hands of the winning team The Last Legend to the dean of the faculty doc. Ing. To Tomáš Šubrt, Ph.D.

The winning team consisting of Durchánek Filip, Kaluža Vojtěch, Michael Němec, Polák Vojtěch and Jan Svoboda did well in the national round of the competition organized in cooperation with Škoda Auto and SAP ČR. The students won in strong competition from students from the University of Hradec Králové and the University of Economics.

The competition consisted in determining a suitable logistics strategy, in which it was necessary to supply the central warehouse with products from the supplier and the regional warehouses connected to the central warehouse. The sales of the products sold depended on an appropriately chosen pricing policy. Product prices had to be chosen with an appropriate margin to compete with other teams. The simulation game was implemented in the environment of the SAP S/4 HANA system.

Thank you once again for the exemplary representation. The cup will be displayed in a place of honor in the PEF premises.