Visit to the IPPS 2022 conference


Employees of the department participated in an international conference focused on plant phenotyping.


Start of the conference

Conference International Plant Phenotyping Symposium 2022 is organized by an international organization International Plant Phenotyping Network. This year's venue was the university town of Wageningen in the Netherlands. As part of the conference, wp workers presented the results of cooperation with the ICRISAT institute as part of the introductory Workshop. They also presented a poster in a special section including a short presentation in the main section of the conference. 

Workshop Recent advances in controlled environment phenotyping and lab-to-field translation

As part of the conference, several meetings were held with other foreign partners - e.g. the company Phenospex, PSI, the research institute CATRIN at the Palacký University in Olomouc, representatives of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, but also directly with representatives of the IPPN. wp representatives were invited to Montpelier, France, where they should deal with the development of data sharing tools MIAPPE, BrAPI and the development of the CZU data platform. 

Poster presentation