Diploma thesis seminar DIT 2024





Graduate seminar



On February 29, 2024, the 26th Diploma thesis seminar (scientific-research workshop DIT) will be held in sequence. The full-day seminar is intended for all students who are working on a DT at DIT - completion date (SFE) SS 2024. For students, the seminar is a mandatory part of the credit for the WS in the 2nd year of the subsequent master's study.

The aim of the seminar is to present and defend the purpose of the work and the achieved or planned results of the solution (of course, it is assumed that the work is completed or in final processing stage). Students will try to defend the DT in front of a committee (similar to the SFE), then they can incorporate the comments of teachers and colleagues into the DT.

On the selected date of the seminar it will be possible to apply only from January 12, 2024 through the DIT websiteThe application deadline is February 12, 2024. Active participation of all students is expected (students will be divided into several sections). The time allowance for the DP student's defense is 15 minutes, including 10 minutes for the presentation.

The seminar is held at the ČZU campus in Prague on Thursday (3rd even week of the semester).

The announcement of the results is followed by a networking banquet with supervisors, teachers of the department, external committee members and colleagues.

Seminar schedule:

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