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The Department of Information Technologies will once again organize a separate cycle of professional lectures on current topics in the field of Information and Communication Technologies in the WS 2023/2024. The lectures offered will be available from the recording during the academic year. Out of a total of eight lectures offered, one is in English. The cycle of lectures takes place in ZS (period October to January).



The main goal is to enrich and supplement the standard teaching, support the competitiveness of graduates on the labor market and further deepen the department's cooperation with practice.

In addition to the lecture's own thematic content, participating companies can also offer students cooperation in the form of professional internships, BP or DP topics, participation in projects, etc.

The selected target group in ZS are students of the field of Informatics, as well as students of the economic and managerial fields of Business and Administration and Operations and Economics, 2nd year of bachelor's, 1st and 2nd year of subsequent master's studies. The lectures concern the subjects Web design, Computer networks, Client Side Internet technologies, ICT for managers and in English for the subject Computer Networks.

Students are required to graduate at least one a professional lecture (or two, if specified in the subject) of your own choice from the given cycle (credit condition). Of course, a student can also register for more lectures. Registration takes place via the forms on the KIT website (see below). The cycle of lectures runs from October 23, 2023 as standard on Mondays from 15:45 in the EIV classroom, on some dates in EIII. The cycle runs until the end of December 2023.

Registration of students for lectures is ongoing from October 16, 2023 through the department's website.

Attendance will be recorded at the lectures!

He will be at every lecture attendance carried out. Use the ČZU identification card (student card/ISIC) to record attendance. The use of a student card is mandatory for full-time and combined study students when attending the event in physical form (in a room at PEF). 

ATTENTION! The completed lecture can be counted as part of the credit within the compulsory bachelor's practice!


Topic of the lecture


Company, position


23. 10. 2023

Hybrid virtual Desktop - ceBox Workspace

Tomas Pacal


Under the term IoT, or Internet of Things, we can imagine a kind of system of smart devices and machines that communicate with each other and cooperate without human assistance. IoT forms the foundations of Industry 4.0, which marks the coming innovation of manufacturing processes to challenge our professional and personal lives.

30. 10. 2023

Drones used in agriculture

Ondřej Perlík

JohnDeere (STROM Prague)


Thematically, the lecture will cover drones, flying over selected plots of land and the use of this data for agriculture.

13. 11. 2023

ŠKODA AUTO has its own Chatbot

Lukáš Lojka



The bigger the company, the more difficult it is to integrate a tool like a chatbot. What is it about? Why do we use a chatbot at Škoda Auto and which areas is it aimed at? We will answer all these questions at the lecture. The bigger the company, the more challenging the integration of a tool such as a chat bot. Both in terms of infrastructure and IT security. But the result is many saved hours and greater efficiency.

20. 11. 2023

Role in cyber security

Pavlína Havelková



"What do you think of as a security role in cyber security? Are they only those that have a foothold in legislation? The role of Cybersecurity Manager, Architect or Auditor can be found in the KB decree, but what is hidden under the names Threat Hunter, KB Analyst, Vulnerability Manager and many others? In the lecture, we will introduce you to the diversity of the workload of colleagues who ensure both the detection and defense of cyberspace, as well as SPCSS legislative compliance as an integral part of their normal daily activities. Mention will also be made of our Trainee program, which can be a springboard for your career at KB."

27. 11. 2023

Current events in e-Government and its impact on cities and municipalities

Tomas Lechner

Triada s.r.o


This year, a new office, the Digital and Information Agency, was established to ensure the development of electronicization across public administration. Among its current tasks are the development of the use of electronic identification, the implementation of eDokladovka and the fulfillment of the law on the right to digital services. The impact of these projects on cities and municipalities, together with other current changes in the internal electronicization of cities and municipalities, will be the subject of this lecture.

4. 12. 2023

Digitization and automation of contracts and contracting processes (Librex and other programs)

Jiří Hueber




This lecture focuses on the ever-developing field of digitization and automation of contracts and processes associated with concluding contracts. He will discuss modern tools and technologies, including Librex, that enable organizations to more effectively manage contract documentation and processes.

11. 12. 2023

Cisco Meraki MX and Cisco Umbrella

Andrej Jeleník and Peter Morvay




During the lecture, we will introduce you to the configuration of both integrated platforms - Meraki MX and Cisco Umbrella. This integration is the basic building block of the Cisco SASE concept. You will learn how to easily configure and secure the network of individual branches, wherever they are in the world. (in English)

18. 12. 2023

IS Audit - ERP Systems - SAP

Tomas Dushenko

Pricewaterhouse Coopers



The lecture on "IS Audit - ERP Systems - SAP" focuses on an important aspect of an information system audit, specifically on the SAP system, which is an important ERP solution. It will explore how to conduct a thorough audit of a SAP system, covering security, compliance and operational efficiency. This lecture is aimed at audit and IT professionals who want to better understand the specifics of auditing ERP systems, especially SAP, and improve their skills in this area