Cycle of lectures by ICT experts (WY 2016/2017)



Series of lectures



In WS 2016/2017, the Department of Information Technologies organizes a separate series of professional lectures on current topics in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Out of a total of ten lectures offered, two are in English (for students of English majors and other interested parties).


The main goal is to enrich and supplement the standard teaching, support the competitiveness of graduates on the labor market and further deepen the department's cooperation with practice.

In addition to the lecture's own thematic content, students are also often offered cooperation with relevant entities in the form of professional internships, BP or DP topics, participation in projects and other programs, etc.

The selected target group are 3rd-5th year students of the field of Informatics (subjects: Web design, Computer networks, Information technology - client side), then 4th year students of the fields of Business and Administration and Operations and Economics as part of the optional subject ICT for managers.

Students are required to attend at least one professional lecture of their own choice from the given cycle (credit condition). Login takes place through the forms on the wp website (see below). The cycle of lectures runs from October 24, 2016 always in Monday from 15:45 until mid-January 2017, the capacity is limited by the size of the available auditorium, which is the auditorium in ZS E IV (65 places).

Registration of students for lectures takes place from October 17, 2016 via the department's website:

date Topic of the lecture Lecturer Company, position Room
24.10.2016 Software Defined Networks Ing. Zdenek Pala Extreme Networks IV
31.10.2016 IoT, IQRF, mesh networks M.Sc. Ivona Spurná IQRF Alliance IV
07.11.2016 SW quality management trends / SW Quality Assurance trends Ing. Barbora Václavíková
Ing. Tomáš Lučovič
14.11.2016 Project management in IT – state administration and local government Ing. Martin Lukáš, Ph.D. IT Program Manager, MoE IV
21.11.2016 Automation and Integration of Network Management (English) Ing. Zdenek Pala Extreme Networks IV
28.11.2016 ICT Security (English) Ing. Borek Boissy Bourse Direct France (Fr) IV
05.12.2016 Web and mobile map applications Ing. Karel Charvát Czech Center for Science and Society IV
12.12.2016 Project management - ICT in multinational corporations Ing. Vratislav Čermák, Ph.D. IT consultant IV
16.01.2017 Cybersecurity law in practice Ing. Vít Lidinský, Ph.D. NowireCZ EV