Cycle of lectures by experts in the field of ICT (LS 2016/2017)



Series of lectures



In the 2016/2017 school year, the Department of Information Technologies organizes a separate cycle of professional lectures on current topics in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Out of a total of ten lectures offered, two are in English (for students of English majors and other interested parties). The next cycle of lectures takes place in ZS (period October to December).


The main goal is to enrich and supplement the standard teaching, support the competitiveness of graduates on the labor market and further deepen the department's cooperation with practice.

In addition to the thematic content of the lecture, participating companies can also offer students cooperation in the form of professional internships, BP or DP topics, participation in projects, etc.

The chosen target group in LS are students of the field of Informatics, as well as students of the economics and management fields of Business and Administration and Operations and Economics, 2nd years of bachelor's and 1st years of subsequent master's studies. The lectures concern the subjects Operating systems and computer networks, Operating systems and computer networks, Business information systems, Markup languages, Markup languages, IS security, IS/IT security, Electronic business and business, E-business and commerce, ICT for managers, IT for e‑business.

Students are required to attend at least one specialist lecture (or two, if specified in the subject) of their own choice from the given cycle (credit condition). Of course, a student can also register for more lectures. Login takes place through the forms on the wp website (see below). The cycle of lectures runs from March 1, 2017 always in Wednesday from 16:30 until mid-May 2017, the capacity is limited by the size of the available auditorium, which is the LS auditorium EIV (70 seats).

Registration of students for lectures takes place from February 20, 2017 via the department's website:

Date Topic of the lecture Lecturer Company, position Room
1.3.2017 UML - does the documentation make sense? Vojtěch Kounovský,
Roman Machytka
Assist spol. s.r.o EIV
The lecture is intended to convince the listeners that documentation is necessary for every software development, and therefore every modern developer should master it. During the lecture, basic UML diagrams and their use on a model example will be presented. At the end, there will be a demonstration of real communication between the customer and analyst using UML (an example of how projects turn out without documentation, basic ideas of creation, documentation, division of UML diagrams, presentation of basic UML diagrams, real communication with a customer from practice).

8.3.2017 Building Enterprise JavaScript front end system Jaroslav Czech iCORD International s.r.o EIV
The lecture introduces JS as the most used frond end technology, presents the main disadvantages of bare JS, introduces the most used JS Frameworks: jQuery, TypeScript, React and Flux, Angular and tools for creating a JS system: Gulp, node.js. The interpretation is supplemented with real examples from practice.

15.3.2017 Examples of Microsoft cognitive services Jaroslav Czech O2 / iCORD International s.r.o EIV
The lecture explains what Microsoft cognitive services are, their integration into SW systems based on live examples: Computer vision, Search, ChatBots. The use in real systems is demonstrated.

22.3.2017 Collection of requirements in IT - the client did not enter, the developer did not ask... Vojtěch Kounovský,
Roman Machytka
Assist spol. s.r.o EIV
The lecture is intended to alert the listeners to frequent errors in collecting requirements from the client and at the same time to present best practices that help prevent these errors. Part of the lecture will also include a practical demonstration of requirements collection on a model case, which will help participants better understand the issue (an example of how projects turn out without quality assignments, basic ideas of requirements collection, techniques and forms of requirements collection, real communication with a customer from practice).

29.3.2017 Who is a Product manager and what does he do? Lukáš Kovač, as EIV
The lecture will introduce the work of a Product Manager to the audience. Listeners will be able to get an idea of what is preparing and how the Product Manager thinks about products. They will be familiar with the areas for which the Product Manager is responsible.

5.4.2017 How to efficiently solve integrated business information systems – commercially and technically Jiří Kamenický, Karel Kotrba Syntea software group as EIV
A guide to the process of how to effectively design, implement and operate information systems in a complex customer environment. How to proceed when clients' business plans and goals change over time, and thus their user needs. What technological tools for creation, management and automatic processing to use so that the system is robust and reliable despite constant changes. Part of the explanation are examples of several examples from practice.

12.4.2017 Building Enterprise JavaScript front end system (English) Jaroslav Czech iCORD International s.r.o EIV
The lecture presents JS – the most used frond end technology nowadays, main disadvantages bare JS, presents the most used JS frameworks today: jQuery, TypeScript, REACT and Flux, Angular and the most used tools for building JS system: Gulp, node.js . Interpretation is supplemented with real world examples.

19.4.2017 IS Security (SecureAnyBox, KeyShieldSSO) (English) Vaclav Samsa TDP Ltd EIV
The lecture is focused on IT security – implementation of encrypted storage sharing and allocation of access rights – passwords, certificates, documents, sensitive information (SecureAnyBox) and secure SSO with 2FA (KeyShieldSSO), which supports authentication to active elements in the network and integration with various applications such as Moodle. KeyShield SSO is the fastest SSO solution in the world.

26.4.2017 Secure communication between the mobile application and the server Tomáš Hubáček,
John Peter
INVENTI Development, s.r.o EIV
The lecture will focus on the "man in the middle attack", what https, tls are for, what ssl pinning is and how to set it up. PKI, symmetric / asymmetric encryption, certificates and certification authorities, electronic signature and types of attacks will also be mentioned: Cross-site scripting, Cross-site request forgery and SQL injection.

10.5.2017 The role of IT in global logistics (DHL IT Services) Jakub Kálal,
Stephen Fuchs
DHL Information Services (Europe), s.r.o EIV
Introducing an internal IT organization that provides IT services to global logistics firm DHL. The aim of the lecture is to acquaint the audience with how the processes of large data centers for global corporations work, from the provision of all infrastructure, through IT services to their connection to business processes. At the same time, the activities of the department that provides support to end users in the area of workflow processes will be described.