Diploma Thesis Seminar by DIT at Všeradice 2017

19th annual diploma thesis seminar for master students at the Department of Information Technologies will be held on 2nd March 2017 in Všeradice. Please follow this website for further updates.

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Diploma thesis seminar is organised for all students who write their diploma thesis at the Department of Information Technologies (DIT) and who suppose to submit the thesis for the final state exam in May 2017 (Summer Semester 2016/2017).

Please note that the participation at the DIT's diploma seminar is obligatory and is a requirement for getting 2nd Diploma Thesis seminar (see Diploma Thesis 2 in is.czu.cz).

Please do not underestimate preparation of your diploma thesis and thesis presentation at the seminar! Poor perfomance or delayed progress of work may result in not giving Diploma Thesis 2 credit and restricting the submission and defence of the thesis in the regular term.

The aim of the seminar is to let students present and defend the goal of their thesis and expected or achieved results. By the time of seminar, the thesis should be almost finished or in a final stage of processing.

Students will experience a thesis defence in front of the committee just like at the real final exam. There will be several committees available on the day of the seminar. Students will also receive a valuable feedback and inputs from teachers and fellow students that they could implement in their thesis.

It is needed to sign-up for the seminar starting from 1st December 2016 via registration form (see below). The registration and payments are due on 24th February 2017. It is expected that all students will actively participate at the seminar. Every student will have 15 minutes out of which 10 minutes will be allocated to the presentation.

Please consult with your thesis supervisor for more details or contact the Event Manager of the seminar: Ing. Eva Kánská (kanska@pef.czu.cz, 224 382 390)

Instructions for the Diploma Seminar participants

The meeting starts at Chateau Vseradice at 9:00 on March 2nd, 2017.

The venue will become accessible from 8:00.

Presentations starts at 9:15. Please note that you have to upload your presentation prior to that time.

Information for students who have reserved their seats in the bus departing from Suchdol: The bus will depart at 7:00 from the menza (dining hall) at CULS campus.

Students who made their payment on February 23rd or later, please bring your confirmation of payment.


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