Archive of Practicioner Lectures

Cycle of Lectures by Practitioners is organized by the Department of Information Technologies since 2016. Since then, more than 40 lectures have been held that have enriched standard teaching. These lectures provided students with practical experience and with the latest trends in the field in order to help facilitate the transition to practice as much as possible. Recordings of vast majority of the lectures can be found in the lecture archive, which is publicly available on the YouTube channel of the Department of Informatics Technologies, Faculty of Economy and Management, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague.

Winter Semester 2016/2017

Date Topic
Speaker Company
21.11.2016 Automation and Integration of Network Management
Zdeněk Pala Extreme Networks VIDEO RECORDING
28.11.2016 I.C.T. Security
Borek Boissy Bourse Direct France (Fr) VIDEO RECORDING


Summer Semester 2016/2017

Date Topic Speaker Company  
 12.04.2017 Building Enterprize JavaScript front end system Jaroslav Čech iCORD International s.r.o. VIDEO RECORDING
The lecture presents JS - the most used frond end technology nowadays, main disadvantages bare JS, presents the most used JS frameworks today: jQuery, TypeScript, REACT and Flux, Angular and the most used tools for building JS system: Gulp, node.js. Interpretation is supplemented with real world example.
19.04.2017 IS Security (SecureAnyBox, KeyShield SSO) Václav Šamša TDP s.r.o. VIDEO RECORDING
The lecture is focused on IT security - implementation of encrypted storage sharing and allocation of access rights - passwords, certificates, documents, sensitive information (SecureAnyBox) and secure SSO with 2FA (KeyShieldSSO), which supports authentication to active elements in the network and integration with various applications such as Moodle. KeyShield SSO is the fastest SSO solution in the world.


Winter Semester 2017/2018

Date Topic Speaker Company  
13.11.2017 How to develop a successful technology startup Gustavo Vizcardo StartupYard Accelerator VIDEO RECORDING
The lecture will introduce you in what i takes to devolop technology startup and how a startup accelerator can assist you. You will also hear about success stories of companies accelerated by
18.12.2017 Automation and Integration of Network Management Zdeněk Pala Extreme Networks VIDEO RECORDING
The lecture will introduce you into the automation and integration of network management. We will look into options of automation and integration in systems of various customers. Presented case studies will address integration of firewall, network management, virtualization, MDM systems, security and processes.


Summer Semester 2017/2018

Date Topic Speaker Company  
21. 3. 2018 IT Project Management in a multinational bakery in Turkey - an IoT case study Juraj Píš
La Lorraine, a.s.
The lecture will address the construction project of bakery producing pre-baked French pastry in Turkey from the perspective of an IT project manager. From the cornerstone to the SAP system integration.
28. 3. 2018 Modern Cybersecurity
Andrej Jelenik
CISCO Systems (Czech Republic)
Next-gen cybersecurity in the environment of modern enterprise environment. Network architecture security with integration of different solutions, Network as and Sensor - Network as an Enforcer, analytical tools, machine learning, segmentation and other approaches that are currently used in advanced protection of computer networks, endpoints and users.

*) has not been granted permission to make a video recording


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